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McMillan Veterinary Clinic
Feline Spay/Neuter - $43.99, plus electives
That is up to $58.00 off!

Vaccines discounted over $8.00 each!

Feline Leukemia/Aids Test (FLV/FIV)
$24.99, that is $25.99 off!

Home Again Microchip is $29.99,
that is $23.00 off!

Purchase a 6-month  supply of
Feline Advantage Multi for Cats
and receive
3 FREE months!
Do you know what diseases your cat is vaccinated against?
Many cat owners do not know what vaccinations their cat received as a kitten or during
annual wellness appointments.  This lack of understanding puts many cats at risk to
deadly disease infection.  Be sure to take the time to discuss with your veterinarian
what vaccines your cat has received and what vaccines they recommend for your cat
during each visit.  Your cat's health could depend upon asking questions and
discussing your cat's lifestyle with your veterinarian.
July is Cat Month